About Us

Welcome to our blog!!! We are the Crandall family! Just your average all American family living in Maryland, with an addiction to visiting new places, trying new food, and taking photos wherever we go! When I say that I actually mean I, Tatiana, am the one who is addicted to travel. I literally spend HOURS reading blogs, websites, searching instagram, and trying to figure out the best way to experience whatever new places we’re exploring in the limited amount of time! So, this is pretty much my travel journal, a place to store all my incredibly valuable travel information I have acquired over the years! My cute husband Josh is the best adventure partner, and our little squish Adelaide is becoming quite the globe trotter!

I hope you enjoy this little blog full of tidbits of information, and if nothing else, I hope the photos at least give you a little spark of joy (as my mom would say)

If you ever have any questions about any of the places we have been, feel free to ask any questions!

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